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Unique Vintage


I have always been drawn to old silverware and vintage jewelry.   I love the pattern on silver plated silverware.  The sparkle of old vintage jewelry.   All these questions run through my mind.   Who designed this, where did it come from, had it travelled far, who placed this fork next to their plate,  was this earring a gift or perhaps it was passed down to a daughter, did she wear to prom or maybe church.

All of my jewelry is made of recycled materials with a little help from new materials.   What better way to preserve a tiny piece of history.  

I am inspired and intrigued to help you come up with your very own keepsake from any jewelry or silver plated silverware that you may have.  I do commission work and would be happy to work with you.

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Devona Designs

Artisan Crafted Sophistication

My entire collection of necklaces, earring and bracelets is masterfully designed for style that never goes out of fashion.
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